Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Page for first issue of Froggie and Friends Comic Book!

Hi everyone--sorry for the delay in posting--I was out of my office for much of last week meeting with some new clients.

Today's posting is a look at the final page to be drawn for the first issue of Froggie and Friends Adventures. This page reveals the first glimpse of the castle of the evil king Pyron located on his home planet. His castle is actually built over a shaft that leads to the center of the planet where he gets his power from the energy crystal core.

I am rendering the inside pages of the comic book in a detailed pencil sketch style.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Original T-shirts from Lightspeed!

I thought it might be a good idea to let everybody know about my T-shirt store over at Cafe I am selling original designs based on my comic strip Hoosierville, and some stand alone shirts as well. You can get a quick look at them here with this image, but if you would like some great ideas for some early Christmas gifts...head over to my store at

This is an ad that I created to promote the store

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Peyton Manning Project

Happy Labor Day! I thought since the start of the NFL football season is almost almost upon us..I would share a step by step progression of a Peyton Manning magazine cover I have been working on for my portfolio. Below is the rough sketch I started with...

Next, when I had it looking like I wanted with the right Peyton cockeyed smile, I tightened up the sketch...

At the last minute, I added some cross hatching lines, then I scanned it in to do the coloring...

I was pretty happy with it, but it just didn't look finished. After thinking about it for awhile, I thought it would be neat as a magazine cover. However, since Sports Illustrated hadn't called me to do a cover for them yet, I created a fake magazine called Sports, and dropped the illustration into it. With some added text and some tweaking of the eyes to make them look at the reader, here's how it turned out.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet the Artist

Hi everyone...since artists sometimes can easily become cave dwellers because of spending long hours in their studios, I thought it might be good to put up a pic of myself in my home based studio, here in sunny Whiteland. As you can see, I haven't begun to grow a protruding brow, or massive amounts of body hair. Some of you might have fun picking out interesting items in the background (yes, that is a skull on a stick). Well, I have to go now... I'm off to hunt mammoth...

The artist at work