Friday, August 20, 2010

Unused sketches for Editorial Cartoon

These drawings were a couple of the ideas I was toying with for this week's editorial cartoon in the Daily Journal Newspaper in Franklin, IN. The cartoon was to be about how much marijuana and the street legal drug called Spice are pretty much the same thing, and can be just as dangerous. My first thought was to show some pot head smoking a Spice joint and saying it was just as good as pot...but it started to remind me too much of a Cheech and Chong image and I didn't want to look like we were making fun of it. The final version ended up being a more serious comparison between the two drugs--showing that they were basically the same, and pointing out why one was legal, and the other was illegal. Check out the final cartoon in this Saturday's edition of the newspaper.

Cheech and Chong pothead sketch
more modern type with some color

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